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Foot-and-Mouth Disease

There are four vesicular diseases of pigs which are difficult or impossible to differentiate clinically: FMD, swine vesicular disease (SVD), vesicular exanthema (VES), and vesicular stomatitis (VS). Of these, FMD is the most widespread and important with SVD being of secondary importance in some … (more...)


In 1996, an H5 avian influenza was identified in geese in Guangdong, China. Almost 20 years later, a variation of that virus wiped out 48 million birds in the U.S. How did the virus get from China to the U.S.? Why did it take 20 years? And how did it spread so rapidly? Those are questions that … (more...)

Blue Eye Disease (BE) – Animal Health

So-called because the whole eye develops a bluish tinge as a result of corneal opacity). Blue eye disease (BE) is characterised by clinical signs of nervous derangement, reproductive problems and opacity of the surface of the eyes (corneal opacity). It is thought to be caused by a … (more...)

Brucellosis – Animal Health

(539) Brucellosis in pigs is caused by a bacterium called Brucella suis. There are five different types, called biotypes, which behave in slightly different ways outside the pig. In most parts of the world where B. suis infects pigs, the most common biotypes causing disease are 1 and 3 with … (more...)

Classical Swine Fever (CSF) – Hog Cholera (HC)

Classical swine fever (CSF), otherwise known as hog cholera (HC) or just swine fever, is a specific viral disease of pigs. It affects no other species. It is a notifiable disease in most countries of the world. Importance of CSF CSF is one of the most economically-damaging pandemic viral … (more...)