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Jinwoo Co .,Ltd

Jinwoo Co., Ltd. is a company producing animal health products and certified KVGMP for animal health products of MAFRA (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural). Jinwoo Co., Ltd manufactures and sells various forms of about 180 products for major species such as pigs, poultry and cattle based on the production base of Jinwoo Co., Ltd, staff experience and cumulative technology. In addition, in the international market, Jinwoo Co., Ltd is exporting in Asia. Jinwoo Co., Ltd. It promises to be a reliable producer of animal health products for farmers, under the slogan “Quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction are above all!”

Teknovet Ilac Sanayi

If human medicine is for humans, veterinary medicine is for human beings. “And we know that without animal health, human health would not be answered.
In this regard, we aim to provide high quality, innovative products for the veterinary industry, thus providing the most cost-effective and cost-effective treatment.

In order to contribute to animal health, we provide satisfactory solutions and quality customers with the technology infrastructure and proactive approach that we own.


MISTAV - Animal Health

We value the importance of research, education, quality control, exchange and customer satisfaction from the very first day of establishment.
From the pre-production point of view such as material input, packaging selection, staff training are in strict control until the final product is marketed, MISTAV pursues what is good Most reliable and trustworthy in the animal health sector with the necessary quality control, research and analysis

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